Hit The Bucket Podcast

#31 - VoiceoverYEET

January 25, 2019

matching zits, free college labor, improved audio, Slay The Spire released, Switch release?, replay value, Dota 2 Auto Chess, the value of modding tools, LegionTD 2, Starcraft Arcade, Neptune's Pride, 4X games, Twitch Sings, Drunk Karaoke, Hidden Folks, Scary Pockets, Jack Conte, "Born in the wrong decade", modern communication, the future of advertising, Twitch Rivals, Twitch game shows, 1vs100, Sheefs Beef: Riding Dirty vs Shopping Carts, Amazon Scout autonomous delivery, package theft booby traps, Native American exchanges, Jumbotron James, Chevron cringe, YouTube content creation, Hytale

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