Hit The Bucket Podcast

#28 - Happy New Buckets! - MerlynTemple

January 3, 2019

tamales, new equipment, Whole 30, tequila shots, database administration, who you know vs what you know, Merlyn Temple, Googling yourself, professional growth, learning the hard way, programming jobs, compromising standards, database forecasting, AI jobs, managing six kids, starting Twitch, Among The Sleep, dance games, tap dancing, River Dance, ballet feet, Tesla customer service woes, self-driving cars, direct-to-consumer sales, team collaboration, VB6 is trash, douche canoe, don't sweat the small stuff, bubble wrap memories, dos and don'ts of software dev, Windstar <3, Sheef's Beef Royale: Beefiest of 2018, Ninja Ad controversy, New Year's floss fail, Anderson Cooper shots, 2018 shits, Poem_for_your_sprog, champaign oopsie loop, fad diets, Burger King 1 cent Whopper, typical Californian, Clever (Cancer) Nation, spoiled beef

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