Hit The Bucket Podcast

#27 - Best Coast - BruceCooper

December 20, 2018

community love, interactive setup, first impressions, Portland's evolution, Portlandia, new opportunities, embracing change, love at first sight, discovering twitch, full-time streaming, social impact, spousal support, staying motivated, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mario Maker rage, peanut butter and chocolate, Leica camera collection, road trips, IRL streams, Andy Milonakis, gifting potatoes, Sea of Thieves, No Man's Sky, ARK, quality clips, Trash Planet: ASMR, bitch, the dos and don'ts of Portland, Seattle is NOT trash, Sheef's Beef: Liars vs Doors, Fortnite dance lawsuits, Will Smith as The Genie, Disneyland, Vegas

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