Hit The Bucket Podcast

#26 - Ban Rudolph - TheMJLantz

December 16, 2018

JimmyMacNCheese, being homeless, Christmas sharing, time outdoors, pre-internet life, artistic endeavors, creative inspiration, animation, Super Soap, doodles irl, voice acting, Newgrounds, flash animation, finding Twitch, video editing, Jim Carrey, Arin Hansen, MJ's demo reel, audio editing, fiverr, audible, recording techniques, human capital, Professional PBP, careers vs hobbies, Pokemon Let's Go is trash, Kingdom Hearts dos and don'ts, dad quips, eating healthy, Sheef's Beef: Group Work vs HYPE!!!, Atlantis found, ancient rednecks, "behavioral agreement form", censoring comedy, assuming intentions, no due process, assume good intentions, La Chancla, Epic cross-platform services, distribution platforms, Steam Spy, sonic poster memes, Aviation Gin

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