Hit The Bucket Podcast

#23 - Buckets: Immortal - LarryIRL

November 9, 2018

Australia, twitch interactions, world travel, Disneyland & Disney World, Amsterdam debauchery, secret Barcelona clubs, good food, guitar skills, Super Yacht deck hand, Below Deck, insane requests, programing freelance, Dungeons & Dragons, Critical Role, vending machine industry, claw machine tricks, birds & bees, JUST START, dealing with assholes, New Zealand, Flight of the Concords, Tim Minchin, Yacht crew dos and don'ts, sleeping with food, support veterans through stackup.org, Jamez28 dances for TheSushiDragon and joins Team DLC, Sheefs Beef: Bacon Everything vs Shaving, PAX Australia, Blizzcon, World of Warcraft Classic, Overwatch new hero Ashe, Diablo: Immortal, mobile games, Breaking Bad movie, Jeopardy on Netflix, Ken Jennings

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