Hit The Bucket Podcast

#22 - TwitchCon Goeth

November 1, 2018

PaymoneyWubby, Cafe Stritch, Northernlion, super burritos, beer runs, Uncle Joe stories, Birds & Limes, LineCon2018 sold out, Squad Streams, improved mod tools, VIP viewers, Fortnite tent, Day9, The Hunt, Diplo after-party, TheSushiDragon fame, networking, old friends, Letterkenny, Kevin Smith session, emergency piss, CobaltStreak, tall streamers, JoshTuckerTV, Bebylon, Games Done Quick Express, Pizza My Heart, five-star gourmet steaks, Merch, Sunday brunch, NerdyNetty session, ChristopherClever, darts, karaoke fail, business cards, planning, pork buns

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