Hit The Bucket Podcast

#21 - TwitchCon Cometh

October 27, 2018

staying busy, Minion Masters update 80, creative deck building, know the mechanics, Jamez Facts, path to CPA, technology in accounting, student loans, college life, NSLS, 2008 government bailouts, Twitch Con 2018, meet and great plans, Northernlion's content, Day9, CobaltStreak, GrandPOObear, TwitchCon: The Hunt, Twitch Prime Perks, increased security, matching fanny packs, nice Denny's breakfast, bird & lime scooters, schedule, sessions, GDQ Express, Twitch loot, Darren Aronofsky's Mother, Sheef's Beef: Ants vs Spiders, Leathal League Blaze, Rome Escalator Failure

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